Resources for homeschooling parents


Above: Before the Coronavirus and social distancing, Port Blakely environmental education coordinator Kelly Stanley led students on a field trip. Port Blakely has partnered with Washington state schools to provide outdoor learning opportunities for 29 years. This photo was taken earlier when Port Blakely was offering tours prior to the Stay Home, Stay Healthy order. Enjoy some of the artwork … Read More

Coronavirus and the forest product supply chain


The coronavirus pandemic has impacted every person in Washington state. Social distancing, stay-home orders and the closure of non-essential businesses have modified how we now live, work and recreate in profound ways. Sheltering in place also has significantly impacted consumer habits. Generally speaking, we’re purchasing more groceries as dining out is not an option in our immediate future and other … Read More

COVID-19 Links, Models and Media


COVID-19 Website Resources: Washington state Dept. of Commerce COVID website AWB COVID-19 resources for employers CDC Guidance for Businesses US Small Business Administration CARES Act Washington State COVID-19 Resource Guide  from K&L Gates with an overview and links to benefits for people in Washington State John Hopkins COVID-19 Basics   COVID-19 MODELS: Washington Dept. of Health daily statistics University of … Read More

The 2020 Washington Legislature: As seen by private forest landowners


The 2020 Washington legislative session was, as expected, short and fast-moving. The Legislature wrapped up all business around 8:30 PM on March 12th. Of course, the last few weeks of the session were colored by the growing disruption of the coronavirus. Gov. Jay Inslee held the press conference that limited all public gatherings on the last day of the session, … Read More

Gov. Inslee signs forestry industry carbon bill


Gov. Jay Inslee signed into law on Wednesday, March 25th legislation that recognizes the essential role Washington state’s forestry industry and working forests play in removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. The legislation formally establishes a state policy recognizing and supporting the complete forest products sector as a climate solution, which includes landowners, mills, bioenergy, pulp and paper, harvesting and … Read More

Forest products, workers are a part of critical infrastructure


(Above: Sierra Pacific Industries’ state-of-the-art mill in Shelton.) The forest products industry plays a vital role in our nation’s infrastructure – especially in response to the global COVID-19 epidemic, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced in a memorandum this week. The DHS memo, signed by Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Director Christopher Krebs, underscored that because the forestry industry … Read More

Gov. Inslee presented with bill to recognize forest sector as part of climate solution


A bill recognizing the important role working forests play in removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere is set to become law. Washington lawmakers passed SB 6355 and HB 2528 in early March, sending the legislation to Gov. Jay Inslee for signing. Once enacted into law, state agencies would recognize and support efforts by timber companies to sequester carbon through reforestation … Read More

Prescribed burns, thinning increased forest resiliency during and after Carlton Complex fire, researchers say


Forested areas that had prescribed burns and tree thinning treatments in the Methow Valley in advance of the Carlton Complex fire experienced greater resiliency, according to a study published in Ecological Applications, the Ecological Society of America journal. A University of Washington news release reports that a joint study conducted by University of Washington and US Forest Service researchers found that … Read More

Wood products could turn urban areas into carbon sinks


Urban centers made primarily of sustainable, renewable wood products could be key to mitigating climate change and even function as carbon sinks, and Washington state and its working forests are helping to lead the charge. Vox recently reported that wood has become “the hottest new thing in sustainable building” and points to Washington state as a forerunner of mass timber … Read More

Modern-day forestry increasingly relies on technology, latest science


(Above: Sierra Pacific Industries’ state-of-the-art mill in Shelton.) The forestry industry of today is more complex and sophisticated than ever. Twenty-first-century foresters rely on expertise from a variety of scientific disciplines including dendrology, hydrology, biology and geology to study silviculture, wildlife, soils, insects, plants, disease and tree physiology when creating their forest management plans. In addition to science, the modern-day … Read More