2022 Year in Review


Washington’s private forest landowners continue to lead the way, and 2022 was no different. Whether it is applying the best science to support salmon recovery efforts or following proven-effective approaches to promote healthy, resilient forests, working forests demonstrate every day that they provide environmental, economic and societal benefits throughout the state. This is all happening while Washington’s foresters supply communities … Read More

State recognizes large private forest landowners


Washington agencies recently honored many of the state’s largest private forest landowners – including several Washington Forest Protection Association members – for their efforts to improve fish habitat. During the August Forest Practices Board meeting and in a joint news release, Washington State’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Department of Ecology (DOE) and Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) applauded … Read More

State forest practices study finds high compliance among working forests


Working forests remain committed partners to protecting and improving fish habitat. The Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) released its biennium Compliance Monitoring Program report assessing how well working forests are conforming to forest practice rules put in place to protect riparian areas on both sides of streams to keep water cool and clean. The report found that an … Read More

Forests & Fish Law celebrates 22 years


Pacific salmon and the pristine, fresh waterways they inhabit have long been integral to the Pacific Northwest’s identity. That is why when salmon populations began to decline, governments, agencies, private forestland owners and other stakeholders came together to find a solution that would protect salmon habitat and aid in the iconic fish’s recovery. This year marks 22 years since the … Read More

Working forests lead the way


Washington’s working forests have long led the way on environmental stewardship and sustainability. Recognizing early on that working forests require resilient trees and a healthy environment, Washington’s private forestland owners have embraced the guiding principle of using the best available science to improve and evolve forest practices. The certainty that good science will lead the way has contributed to a … Read More

Biennial Salmon Recovery Conference goes virtual


Even though the 8th biennial Salmon Recovery Conference will be online this year, coming together for the sake of restoring salmon populations remains the focus as people convene remotely. The Salmon Recovery Conference, which happens ever odd numbered year, provides an opportunity for stakeholders – government agencies, tribal governments, private forest landowners, environmentalists, recreational fishermen, scientists and others – to … Read More

State Compliance Monitoring Report shows private forestland owners’ commitment to forest practice rules


Private forestland owners continue to have excellent compliance with state forest practice rules, according to a new report from the Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR). With forest landowners between 92 – 100 % in compliance with state rules in their timber harvests and forest road construction, the 2018-2019 Biennium Forest Practices Compliance Monitoring Report indicated some of the highest compliance … Read More

Hancock Forest Management celebrates completion of major aquatic restoration projects


Coho salmon, steelhead, trout, and other native Pacific Northwest fish are reaching new stretches of the Clatskanie River and its tributaries, thanks to recent efforts by Hancock Forest Management, a Manulife Investment Management company, in cooperation with the Columbia Soil and Water Conservation District. The projects were identified in the Lower Columbia River Partnership developed through the Regional Conservation Partnership … Read More

Washington state family given national outstanding tree farmer of the year award for habitat restoration


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE WASHINGTON, D.C. (December 5, 2019) – Today, the American Tree Farm System awarded the New family of Bellingham, Washington the National Outstanding Tree Farmers of the Year honor from among more than 73,000 certified Tree Farmers nationwide, thanks to their efforts to restore a portion of a critical watershed to help a threatened species in their state. … Read More

Working forests provide numerous benefits for state, local communities


Working forests play a vital role in Washington state and a website is showing just that by presenting the important contributions sustainably-produced timber offers. From environmental stewardship, economic opportunity, carbon sequestration to salmon recovery, working forests provide a whole host of benefits for our state and local communities. With a focus on expertly managed forests that provide a continuous supply … Read More