Striking a Balance Between Economic Productivity and Water Quality


Striking a Balance: The Science Behind Riparian Buffer Rules for Cool Water and Fish Protection Forest practices play a crucial role in maintaining the delicate balance between economic productivity and environmental conservation, particularly concerning water quality and the well-being of salmon streams. Recent scientific studies, namely the Hardrock and Softrock Experimental Buffer Treatment Studies, have shed light on the efficacy … Read More

Biennial Salmon Recovery Conference goes virtual


Even though the 8th biennial Salmon Recovery Conference will be online this year, coming together for the sake of restoring salmon populations remains the focus as people convene remotely. The Salmon Recovery Conference, which happens ever odd numbered year, provides an opportunity for stakeholders – government agencies, tribal governments, private forest landowners, environmentalists, recreational fishermen, scientists and others – to … Read More

Website provides engaging, kid-focused information about working forests


A new online resource about Washington’s working forests is providing engaging, kid-friendly information as the majority of the state’s students continue distance learning in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic. The Washington Forest Protection Association (WFPA) has launched a website – Learn About Forestry – featuring a forestry learning center and various youth-focused activities that take students indoors and outdoors. … Read More

View of a working forester


Is a forest merely a collection of trees? The dictionary defines forests as a large area covered chiefly with trees and undergrowth. But at least in the case of working forests, there is much more than what a cursory glance or dictionary definition can convey. To help illustrate the complexities and thoughtful planning that is required of a working forest, … Read More

Resources for homeschooling parents


Above: Before the Coronavirus and social distancing, Port Blakely environmental education coordinator Kelly Stanley led students on a field trip. Port Blakely has partnered with Washington state schools to provide outdoor learning opportunities for 29 years. This photo was taken earlier when Port Blakely was offering tours prior to the Stay Home, Stay Healthy order. Enjoy some of the artwork … Read More

Wildfire season threats loom even with wet start to summer


Wildfires remain a concern in Washington state in spite of rainy weather in recent days and less fire activity, say weather experts. The Seattle Times reports that even though July has been slightly wetter than normal, it’s not enough precipitation and moisture to impact the wildfire season overall. Said meteorologist Dana Felton: “It’s slowing things down, and we’ve seen a lot … Read More