Striking a Balance Between Economic Productivity and Water Quality


Striking a Balance: The Science Behind Riparian Buffer Rules for Cool Water and Fish Protection Forest practices play a crucial role in maintaining the delicate balance between economic productivity and environmental conservation, particularly concerning water quality and the well-being of salmon streams. Recent scientific studies, namely the Hardrock and Softrock Experimental Buffer Treatment Studies, have shed light on the efficacy … Read More

A Diversity of Forest Land Owners are Keeping Forests Healthy


It takes a network of people to keep forests healthy   By Washington Forest Protection Association Keeping our forests healthy and resilient to wildfire requires a network of dedicated people — including  foresters, loggers, truck drivers, biologists, conservationists, mill manufacturers and energy workers who convert forest residuals into biofuels. Washington’s diversity of land managers from public, private, state, tribal and federal agencies keep … Read More

Study shows forest practices protect core salmon temperatures in forested streams


A recently released decade-long study looking at several aspects of water quality, including temperature and sediment, show that current forest practices rules as outlined in the Forests & Fish Law are protective of fish. Beginning in 2007, the study measured temperature, sediment and other parameters of water quality two years before a harvest on forestland that is home to non-fish … Read More