Washington residents support active forest management


An overwhelming majority of Washington residents back the forestry sector and working forests. That’s according to a recent poll that found most Washington voters – 89% – throughout all four corners of the state saying they support forest management to promote thriving, healthy forests. Forest management refers to efforts taken by the forest products sector to sustainably grow, harvest, replant … Read More

Wildfire smoke draws attention to importance of forest management


Forest fires and wildfire smoke were on the minds of many last week as smoke blanketed every corner of Washington state, making national news and dominating local news headlines. But as firefighters work to contain the multiple large fires on both sides of the Cascades, one thing is painfully clear, unmanaged forests are amplifying an already challenging – and dangerous … Read More

Carbon Stored in Wood Products Extends the Carbon Benefit


Wood and wood products are key to better carbon capture Aug. 25, 2023 at 9:00 am Updated Aug. 25, 2023 at 9:00 am By  Washington Forest Protection Association Produced by ST Content Studio Washington state has set an ambitious goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 95% by 2050. The health of our forests will play a critical role in this reduction. … Read More

Forest management reduces wildfire risk


An overwhelming majority of people (83%) say forest management reduces wildfire risk and support it as a means of preventing them. That’s according to a recent poll that finds people are increasingly recognizing the critical role sustainable forestry practices and working forests play in maintaining forest health to help protect against catastrophic wildfires. Research and practical application consistently demonstrate active … Read More

Engaging private landowners, stakeholders key to good policymaking


The Washington State Legislature concluded its work over the weekend, wrapping up the 2023 session Sunday. There were the usual complement of high-profile policy bills and budget decisions. But as usual, there were also a slew of simple, good bills that quietly made their made through the session with bipartisan support relatively unnoticed. It is in these batch of bills where … Read More

Working forests critical to addressing climate change


The Whatcom County Forestry Advisory Committee invited researcher Dr. Edie Sonne Hall  of Three Trees Consulting to speak at their April meeting and share her insights on how forest management mitigates climate change. The topic is timely as communities, governments and policymakers search for ways to reduce the amount of CO2 gas in our atmosphere to lessen the impacts of … Read More

Honoring Billy Frank Jr.


On March 9th of every year, Northwest Treaty Tribes, schools and numerous agencies and organizations (including the Washington Forest Protection Association) throughout Washington state celebrate Billy Frank Jr. Day. The ninth day in March, Frank’s birthday, is a day to recognize and honor a man who left an indelible mark in the state’s history and beyond. For those who had … Read More

2023 Washington Legislative session begins


After two years of remote lawmaking, Washington state legislators returned to Olympia for the first in-person session since 2020. A return to pre-pandemic normal means legislative buildings are once again open to the public and there will be more face-to-face interactions with lawmakers – albeit some adjustments in the House and Senate have been made to support the health and … Read More

2022 Year in Review


Washington’s private forest landowners continue to lead the way, and 2022 was no different. Whether it is applying the best science to support salmon recovery efforts or following proven-effective approaches to promote healthy, resilient forests, working forests demonstrate every day that they provide environmental, economic and societal benefits throughout the state. This is all happening while Washington’s foresters supply communities … Read More

114th WFPA Annual Meeting recognizes, celebrates working forests


Collaboration and building strong partnerships were the overarching themes at the 114th Washington Forest Protection Association (WFPA) Annual Meeting in Olympia. The meeting, which can be viewed on TVW in parts one and two, featured forestry sector leaders and elected officials recognizing the critical role Washington’s working foresters and private forest landowners play in the state’s economy, salmon recovery and … Read More