Timber wars may be over – in Canada


Are the timber wars over in Canada? That seems to be the gist of this story today from the Montreal Gazette. According to the article, the Canadian timber industry has brokered a deal with leading environmental groups, including Greenpeace, that may allow both parties to move forward without conflict.

The deal goes like this: Canada’s timber companies promise to stop all logging on 173 million acres of boreal forest, a massive area that crosses into three provinces, in exchange for environmental groups giving their stamp of approval to the industry’s practices and to cease all marketing against Canadian wood products.

The Gazette says that the deal would end the national forest battles that have gone on since the late ’80s, set a blueprint for the country’s “green revolution,” and make Canadian wood products more attractive on the world market.

Is this kind of thing possible in the U.S.? Even if it is possible, is it advisable? Whatever the answer, the story coming from our neighbor to the north is compelling news.