Rural Democrats make a case for balanced natural resources policies


A proposal by two former public officials to end timber harvests on state trust lands managed by the Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has drawn swift criticism from a current lawmaker, former Democratic state legislator and others. State Sen. Kevin Van De Wege (D-24th) and former State Rep. Brian Blake (D-19th) both penned op-eds in different print publications criticizing … Read More

Washington state family given national outstanding tree farmer of the year award for habitat restoration


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE WASHINGTON, D.C. (December 5, 2019) – Today, the American Tree Farm System awarded the New family of Bellingham, Washington the National Outstanding Tree Farmers of the Year honor from among more than 73,000 certified Tree Farmers nationwide, thanks to their efforts to restore a portion of a critical watershed to help a threatened species in their state. … Read More

Newly adopted Business Roundtable tenets reflect forestry industry long-held values


The Business Roundtable made headlines recently when it announced a new set of operating principles that shift from focusing solely on shareholders to creating an economy that serves all Americans. The declaration listed the need for corporations to redefine their mission to support communities, cultivate a strong and sustainable economy, and promote stewardship and a healthy environment. News publications like … Read More