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Working forests and mills support more than 101,000 jobs in Washington

Forests are a renewable resource providing jobs, protecting fish, water and wildlife and producing wood products.

Private landowners help fund wildfire costs

Private landowners share the burden of preparing for and fighting wildfire.

Forest Harvest Excise Tax (FET) to schools and counties

Public and private timber harvesters pay the FET in addition to the property tax on timberland

From 2001 through 2018, forest landowners have removed more than 8,100 barriers to fish passage. Approximately 83% of those identified have been eliminated, opening up nearly 6,200 miles of historic fish habitat. The goal is to eliminate 100% of the barriers by 2021.

Private Landowners Invest in Prevention and Early Suppression

Private forest landowners support a plan of action that prioritizes prevention and early detection and suppression.