The Benefits of Membership with WFPA

WFPA is committed to providing first-class service to our members. WFPA recognizes that the value and effectiveness of our association is dependent on both the strength of participation and character of our members. We strive to be responsive to the needs of our individual members, while at the same time representing the interests of the collective group. WFPA is governed by a Board of Trustees responsible for setting the direction and providing leadership to the association. The efforts of WFPA are based upon the following Board-established goals:

  • Advance sustainable forest management as a preferred land use;

  • Achieve stability in forest regulation;

  • Attain equity and efficiency in forest tax policies;

  • Create a sound forestry investment environment;

  • Assure the application of science and technology are utilized in development of forest policy;

  • Raise public awareness and broaden understanding of sustainable forestry; and

  • Foster collaborative relationships with key stakeholders.

WFPA provides expertise and services to support these goals through the program areas listed below. WFPA staff relies on an active committee system, comprised of member company representatives. These committees provide input and guidance on issues and help to formulate recommendations that are forwarded to the Board of Trustees for action.

Communications The Communications program represents the industry’s stewardship and forest practices to the public. By engaging in a dialogue with the public, we are able to communicate that we are taking care of the natural resources that the public values while producing the forest products that we use everyday. The program develops strategy and appropriate targeted response for public policy issues.

Environmental Education WFPA provides teachers with resources that will help meet the rigorous standards they and their students face. Since 1978, our environmental education program has served an important role by connecting our children to the natural environment around them.

Forest Tax & Economics The Forest Tax & Economics program manages the tax and economics issues of the forest industry, assisting WFPA and its members in developing positions on forest taxation, and keeping members informed on matters and developments related to forest taxes, business taxes, and fees related to forest management.

Governmental Relations The Governmental Relations program represents WFPA and its members’ interests before the Legislature, the Executive branch, state agencies and regulatory boards and commissions.

Forest Regulation & Policy The Forest Management program addresses issues relating to the operational aspects of owning and managing private forests, such as:

  • the regulation and implementation of forest practices

  • fire protection

  • water quality

  • wildlife cooperative programs

  • science and technology, and

  • research