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Printing your emails won't hurt forests

2013-10-18 Ashley Bach

We've all seen the taglines: "Please don't print this email" or "Save trees: Print only when necessary." But most people who stick these lines at the end of their messages have no idea about how forestry is accomplished, how paper is produced or about the real threats to the world's forests.

Timber payment extension is only tip of the iceberg

2013-10-03 Ashley Bach

Congress recently passed a one-year extension of timber payments to rural counties, with communities in Western states getting much of the funding. Oregon will get the largest share, and Washington counties like Skamania and Grays Harbor will also get payments for at least one more year.

U.S. House passes sweeping package of timber reforms

2013-09-20 Ashley Bach

Today marked some of the best news out of Washington, D.C., in years: the U.S. House passed the Restoring Healthy Forests for Healthy Communities Act, a sweeping set of timber reforms that would increase the federal timber harvest and restore rural communities across the West.

Wildfires are a political problem in the states, not just D.C.

2013-09-06 Ashley Bach

The Rim Fire and other wildfires across the West this summer are once again pushing federal forest mismanagement and the need for forest thinning into the spotlight. The Rim Fire, for one, has burned 246,000 acres and is now Calfornia's third largest wildfire ever.

Bummer of a summer for FSC

2013-08-30 Ashley Bach

It's been a tough summer for the Forest Stewardship Council. George Mason University released a study showing that an FSC monopoly would cost tens of thousands of people their jobs and several states are working to ban the LEED green building standard (which gives credit for only FSC-certified wood) from any public buildings.

What will federal timber reform look like?

2013-08-23 Ashley Bach

There seems to be a lot of confidence in Washington, D.C., right now that some sort of increase in the federal timber harvest will be approved by Congress. A sweeping package of reforms called the Restoring Healthy Forests for Healthy Communities Act is moving through the House, and Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., is working on his own legislation in the Senate.

The misperceptions of the marbled murrelet

2013-08-18 Ashley Bach

While the spotted owl continues to grab headlines, another Pacific Northwest bird is having a growing impact on the timber industry and rural communities. The marbled murrelet, a seabird that nests in coastal forests, was listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act in 1993. Like the spotted owl, environmental groups use the murrelet as a convenient hammer to file innumerable lawsuits, seeking to stop responsible forest management.

Sweeping timber reform package moves forward in U.S. House

2013-08-09 Ashley Bach

We've been writing for years now about two proposals to increase the federal timber harvest: one by Rep. Doc Hastings, R-Wash., to boost the harvest around the country and another by Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Ore., to boost the harvest in Oregon.

WFPA and Green Diamond leaders take to airwaves to advocate for working forests

2013-08-02 Ashley Bach

It was great to hear some strong advocates for working forests talk about the value of forest jobs on local radio recently. Cindy Mitchell, Senior Director of Public Affairs for the Washington Forest Protection Association (WFPA), and Patti Case, a Public Affairs Manager for Green Diamond Resource Co., appeared on KMAS Newsradio in Mason County, Wash.

Should feds kill one owl species to help another?

2013-07-26 Ashley Bach

The federal barred owl killing plan seemed outrageous to many people, both in the timber industry and environmental groups. This week, the Fish and Wildlife Service released details about the plan, which is set to begin this fall. And with the plan now just months away, the reaction was swift.

Sawmills take flight with beetle-killed trees

2013-07-12 Ashley Bach

One of the reasons that bark beetles have spread through forests across the West is because those forests haven't been managed correctly. When forests aren't thinned, the beetles have an easy time going from tree to tree.

Skamania County gets its moment in the timber spotlight

2013-07-05 Ashley Bach

Most of the attention -- from media and politicians -- the last couple years has gone to cash-strapped timber counties in Oregon, but Washington timber counties like Skamania, Klickitat, Lewis and Grays Harbor are also in dire straits.

Rural communities get legal victory in Oregon timber case

2013-06-28 Ashley Bach

Oregon has been a proving ground for a couple years now for much of the debate over federal forest management and whether all the stakeholders can come up with a solution to increase the federal timber harvest.

Forest certification monopoly would kill timber jobs

2013-06-21 Ashley Bach

One of the most striking things about the fight between the two leading forest certification systems, the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), is that FSC and the environmental groups that support it want a monopoly.

Experts say this year's wildfire season will be severe

2013-06-14 Ashley Bach

Forest fire season is upon us again, and this year is likely not going to be pretty. Washington Gov. Jay Inslee is already preparing, huge fires are burning in Southern California and Colorado, and the Washington Department of Natural Resources just sued a construction company it said caused the Taylor Bridge wildfire that burned 23,000 acres in Central Washington last summer.

Success means the arrival of timber jobs

2013-06-07 Ashley Bach

As we pointed out last month, Weyerhaeuser is doing very well. Earnings for the first quarter of 2013 were up 30 percent from last year, and the company's profit of $144 million was more than three times higher than its profit in the first quarter of 2013.

Now we're starting to see that success translate in local communities.